3D Printing isn't the Only Threat to Games Workshop (2024)

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While most people point to 3D printing being the biggest threat to Games Workshop, historically it may be something else.

Obviously, as of right now 40k is still on top of the heap as far as non-collectible miniatures go, however between 3d printing and other game publishers, they have their work cut out for them in 2022 and beyond…

ICv2 hosts these top product polls twice a year where shop owners enter what their most popular sales were over a certain amount of time. This time around, it shows how close other games are getting to 40k. We’ll have to see if HH can somehow top the list next year, but for now, AMG actually has two games in the top 5 and might be a bigger threat to GW than 3D printing.

We will touch on it briefly, but if you want to see more about GW and 3D printing, you can check that out here.

3D Printing isn’t the Only Threat to Games Workshop

Here’s the list of the top 5 games, and as you can see both MCP and Legion have crept up into the top 5! You can also see the WizKids minis have actually overtaken AoS to claim the second spot.

It’s also worth mentioning that not too long ago X-Wing miniatures stole the top spot from Warhammer 40k for a number of years during the 6th & 7th edition era. It is not unheard of for a game system to topple the mighty 40k and depending on who you ask, it’s trending to happen again now that all the Star Wars games are under Atomic Mass Games’ umbrella.

Oh and AMG/Asmodee’s parent company just got an injection of $1.5 Billion dollars from a Saudi investment fund, so chances are good that all of these titles will start putting the heat on Games Workshop soon!

Let’s break down the current list a little more.

Starting with WizKids, they have also recently launched a full miniature-based game with Onslaught. While their market is a little different, there’s a chance the trend continues with the new box and they actually have a chance at grabbing the number one spot.

This also comes from the vast popular IP they have to draw from and tons of fun games and campaigns you can use the minis in. However, they have always been near the top, so nothing too crazy there.

MCP is quickly becoming super popular among gamers. This is due to a few key points, and some things GW has been slacking on. First, they draw off an insanely popular IP, that is constantly being expanded on and lets people play with characters they already love.

Next, the gameplay is easy to get into, but also grabbing a force. Really, all you have to do is buy the starter and an expansion or two, and bam! You have a pretty competitive and fun force. With 40k, you really need to buy and constantly change your army to stay up with the rules bloat and just get to 2,000 points.

MCP is fast, fun, and most of all, you can get into the game with way less money and way faster.

Then, Legion has basically all the things going for it as MCP. A built-in big fanbase, low barrier to entry, and fewer rules bloat. Especially with the current explosion of Star Wars fandom, it is just an easy game for players who are tired of 40k to move over to.

Out of all the passes for LVO 2023, Star Wars Legion was the first to sell out! It sold out almost immediately, so even though the game isn’t fully focused on competitive play, people are still obviously very into the game!

Star Wars X-Wing Used to be on Top

Like we said already, a couple of years ago, Star Wars X-Wing was actually the top game out there, so it’s not unheard of for the other games to really drop 40k down. However, FFG didn’t handle the rollout of 2.0 very well and lost a lot of its following in the years that followed.

However X-wing has also started to make a resurgence as of late, but with AMG at the helm now, its future remains unclear.

GW is Doing Some Things Right

It is not all doom and gloom for GW though. Even though the current 9th Edition 40k rules are bloated beyond belief they are finally bringing back Organized Play kits which help local stores, get more people playing, and could even attract new players to the game.

Honestly, them bringing this program back is really great for the game. The main issue they need to address is rule bloat. Right now, the barrier to entry for 40k is so high, and the rules just keep changing, too much for all but the most engage players to keep up with.

Still, the OP is a step in the right direction, and them trying out the seasons to keep the game competitive is good. Plus, they just always come out with some of the coolest minis out there, so that’s always going to help them.

Overall though other game systems with well-rounded rules, popular IP, and low barriers to entry are taking players away from Games Workshop’s properties.

It just feels like GW needs some sort of reset on the rules bloat and price, or all these other games and companies will keep creeping closer and taking more of Games Workshop’s precious market share…

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Could you see the threat of another game surpassing Warhammer 40k again for the top spot?

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3D Printing isn't the Only Threat to Games Workshop (2024)
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